Hong Kong’s Best Fresh Roasted Coffee

You Order it, We Roast It

Ground roasted beans lose their optimal flavor in about 2 days.  Whole roasted beans lose their optimal flavor in about 2-3 weeks.  In other words, if your coffee wasn’t roasted just before you purchased it, chances are, it isn’t fresh.

Only a very small fraction of the coffee available in Hong Kong is roasted locally, most of it coming from other parts of Asia, America and Europe. By the time you drink it, it can be anywhere from 2 to 6 months old, often longer.

The difference in flavor between fresh coffee and stale coffee is not subtle. Without fresh coffee, your espresso machine will have a hard time producing any thick crema.  Drip, French Press, Vacuum or espresso – every brewing method will produce better results with fresh coffee.

That is why The Coffee Cube roasts to your order.  You order it, we roast it.  We guarantee that the coffee that arrives at your door is not more than 48 hrs old.  You won’t get fresher than that!

Once you receive the coffee, storage is key as you can keep coffee fresh if stored properly.  Keeping roasted beans in an air tight container away from light and heat will help keep coffee fresh for some time, as exposed to the elements, the flavour and the strength of the coffee dissipates.

The key to freshness and flavour, however, is in the grinding.  Grinding coffee just before you use it is the most important element to getting the best out of the coffee.

Delicious fresh roasted coffee delivered direct to your door …

Unsurpassed in quality, freshness, flavour and aroma.