About Us

Passionate About Our Coffee

Drive by a long-term passion for all things coffee, our mission at The Coffee Cube is simple – to deliver to the Hong Kong market and worldwide the finest coffee from around the world, roasted fresh, at unbeatable prices.

The Coffee Cube sources the finest coffee crops, select grades, microlots and other specialty single origin coffees from the major growing regions in Africa, South and Central America, Asia and the Pacific, often directly from the plantation growers with whom we have established relationships over many years.

Just Coffee

You can find us on the web, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but we do not maintain training facilities, we do not offer coffee classes, we do not sell coffee machines or accessories (although we are happy to share our extensive knowledge), we use simple and environmentally friendly kraft paper packaging, we have no retail outlets and no big overheads to push up the price of our coffee.

Simply put – we provide the best coffee in Hong Kong.

  • Freshly roasted
  • At the best price
  • Guaranteed

The Process

  • Using state of the art coffee roasting machines
  • The Coffee Cube samples coffee beans from all over the coffee world.
  • We then roast your order individually with our state of the art drum roasting machines, allowing the very best results.

Why does The Coffee Cube use a drum roaster?

Drum roasters employ simple technology that hasn’t really changed a whole lot over the years.  In a basic sense, the typical drum roaster is just a cylinder rotating on a horizontal axis.  Flights, vanes or paddles mix the beans, and heated air moves through the drum and removes the roasting by-product. Perforated drum roasters, like the ones used by The Coffee Cube, allows for more convective heat transfer — or heat transfer through air — ensuring an even roast.

Drum roasters are used to roast 70% of the coffee in North America and are popular all around the world. They are especially popular in the specialty coffee industry because of the manual control options.  Indeed those who enjoy the artistic side of the roasting process almost invariably use a drum roaster.  Drum roasters are also ideal for dark roasts, which are in high demand in many parts of the world. You can’t roast fast and dark at the same time without risking an exothermic reaction — you have to slow down the entire process to fully develop the flavor of the beans. Drum roasters allow you to do just that, with a single batch taking anywhere from eight to 20 minutes.

An expert in control of a drum roaster can manipulate these compounds to develop their intended flavor profile through a truly artistic process.


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