• The Coffee Cube-The Best Coffee in the World India Monsooned Malabar AA
    The AA monsooned bean is a large top grade Arabica bean, usually used as a blending bean to build flavour profiles and crema.  As a single origin this coffee is full bodied, low in acid, extremely earthy and musty with low aromatics but with a heavily caramelized sweet chocolatey aroma and notes of spice and nuts.
  • The Coffee Cube-The Best Coffee in the World India Royal Kaapi Robusta AA
    A fantastic Robusta Robusta coffee beans have a higher caffeine content than Arabica beans, for those who like a real kick in their coffee! What separates this high quality Indian Robusta is the high degree of care that is applies to cultivation, harvesting and processing.  As a result of this effort, the Royal Kaapi Robusta has none of the rubbery aftertaste one often associated with such coffees. The Royal Kaapi Robusta is a high grade single origin, wet-processed Robusta.  Like the monsooned Malabar, this coffee is usually used as a blending bean for building flavour, crema and intensity.  As a single origin, this coffee is extremely low acidic, full bodied, musty, very intense and full of baker's chocolate.
  • Fair Trade Indonesia Gayo Fair Trade Organic
    Certified organic and Fair Trade, this gourmet Sumatran Gayo Mountain coffee is grown and handled in accordance with strict regulations, naturally cultivated, harvested and processed without the use of chemicals or pesticides.  With low acidity, full bodies with earthy tones, thick and rich with a taste of herbs and rich cacao, this is a delightfully rich single origin coffee.
  • The Coffee Cube-The Best Coffee in the World Indonesian Mandheling Blue Batak (Sumatran Tiger Trust)
    Blu Batak is a premium Grade 1 Mandheling grown at high altitudes.  It is uniquely produced using the so-called wet-hulled method, a process unique to parts of Indonesia.  In this process the coffee parchment is only marginally dried and then stripped from the bean. After drying the coffee bean turns a bluish jade.  The method, locally called "Giling Basah" gives excellent body and a unique character to the coffee. This coffee is roasted medium to create an incredibly sweet, medium bright acidity, full-bodied, with a long, lingering syrupy sweet finish appreciated by coffee lovers all over the world.
  • The Coffee Cube-The Best Coffee in the World PNG (Kalanga Plantation)
    Fully ripe cherries from the Kalanga plantation are selected and hand-picked and delicately processed on the same day at the Kalanga Wet Mill situated within the plantation.  Parchment coffee is further processed to green bean stage at mills to give it a unique flavour, a smoky aroma, soft sweetness with full body and bright acidity and a clean finish on the palate.
  • Australia Green Cauldron Estate (Naturals)
    Not traditionally known as a coffee making region, this is a fantastic coffee from Australia. Green Cauldron Estate has been growing, roasting and selling only the finest free trade coffee since day one.  Green Cauldron Coffee grow an Arabica variety of coffee bean known as the K7. The Arabica K7 coffee been originated in Muhoroni, Kenya. Roasting a cup of exceptionally smooth and fragrant coffee requires a delicate hand and split second timing.  Cupping at an impressive 83.50, the coffee is rich and fruity with a slight citrus aspect, with medium acidity and medium body.